An American Airlines flight attendant accused of photographing a girl in the bathroom of the plane heading to Boston was arrested

An American Airlines flight attendant accused of photographing a girl in the bathroom of the plane heading to Boston was arrested

BOSTON — An American Airlines flight attendant has been arrested after a U.S. attorney said she… I tried to register Teenage girl using airplane bathroom.

Estes Carter Thompson III, 37, was arrested by the FBI Thursday in Virginia and charged with attempted sexual exploitation of a child and one count of possession of child pornography depicting a prepubescent minor.

Charging documents said Thompson tried to film a 14-year-old girl using the bathroom on a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Boston.

The teen allegedly found a cellphone hidden with stickers taped to the toilet seat lid after Thompson told her the toilet seat was broken.

The girl’s father allegedly confronted Thompson, who locked himself in the bathroom with his phone for three to five minutes.

One family says this hidden camera was placed in the bathroom of a plane bound for Boston.

CBS Boston

When the flight arrived at Logan Airport, police said Thompson’s cellphone had been restored to its factory settings.

When Thompson’s iCloud account was searched, police allegedly found four additional videos from when Thompson recorded a child using the plane’s bathroom and more than 50 photos of an unaccompanied 9-year-old minor, including photos taken of her while she was sleeping.

Hundreds of AI-generated images of child sexual abuse were also allegedly found in Thompson’s iCloud account.

“The extremely disturbing behavior alleged here is something no parent or child should ever have to worry about when traveling. Mr. Thompson allegedly used his position to assault and surreptitiously record innocent children, including unaccompanied minors, while they were in a vulnerable state on board flights. “He was working,” Acting U.S. Attorney Josh Levy said in a statement.

Since then, the 14-year-old who allegedly found Thompson’s cell phone hanging on a toilet seat has… File a lawsuit against American Airlines, claiming that Thompson was able to destroy evidence because other crew members did not confiscate his phone.

“We are pleased to hear that the American Airlines flight attendant has finally been arrested. It is also shocking to hear that he assaulted at least five minors while traveling on the American Airlines flight. While the criminal justice system must now take its course against the American Airlines plane,” he said. The 14-year-old girl’s lawyer: “Flight attendant, it remains to be seen whether American Airlines will now bear some degree of responsibility to the families for what happened. This should never have been allowed to happen and must never happen again.”, Paul Llewellyn.

American Airlines said Thompson had not worked for it since the incident on the flight to Boston.

“We take these allegations very seriously. They do not reflect our airline or our core mission of taking care of people. We have fully cooperated with law enforcement in their investigation because there is nothing more important than the safety and security of our customers and partners,” the airline said in a statement. statement.

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