Alan Lear Hunting and Fishing Report dated February 15, 2024

Alan Lear Hunting and Fishing Report dated February 15, 2024

Fly fishing

Spokane River flows were stable this week and the fishing was decent for February. Fishing for trout and trout has been productive, as has nymph rigs.

The North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River is back down and some fish have been put out, Silver Bow Fly Shop said. It’s a nymph and streamer game and will last a little longer. No need to get out too early. Slow side channels and some soft swirling water hold the fish. Midges are out.

On the St. Joe River, it is possible to float from Huckleberry to Big Eddy, although you will have to tow the boat to Big Eddy as there is still some ice at the launch. A few houseboats have been taken out.

Good for tackle and angler, Rock Lake is a good fly fishing destination if you don’t hate fishing. Anglers running streamers are catching fish all day long, mostly in rainbow colors. The fish were suspended in 20-25 feet of water.

As the ice recedes from Sprague Lake, anglers can find some quality trout fishing parallel to the shoreline.

Trout and kokanee

Lake Roosevelt trout fishing is said to be good from Seven Bays down, but the water is rising and was 1,288 feet above sea level at midweek. It is expected to start falling slowly on Friday.

When the ice first comes off the drilling reservoir, bank anglers start catching big rainbows from the shallows. Try Medicare Beach, Lind Coulee, and Frenchman’s Wasteway. the time now.

Crescent Bay on Lake Roosevelt next to Coulee Dam has a beautiful stretch of sandy beach, some picnic tables, fire pits, and a vault toilet. Shore trout fishing has been good there this winter. Brandt Landing was also good at times. You can’t always expect a great bite, but with a big lunch, some marshmallows, and a load of wood, you can comfortably stay warm and busy even when the trout ignore your Power Bait offering.

Trout fishing on Lake Chelan has been excellent in the lower basin. Most fish are under 6 pounds. The U-20 flatfish have been effective.

Spinal ray

The drilling reservoir has opened significantly since last week. Available launches are Blythe Bay, State Park, Glen Williams as well as the M-Road launch. MarDon Resort is also scheduled to open soon. The dunes are still covered in ice. Other than that, the reservoir is free of ice and there are few people on the water. Anglers are jigging blade baits and producing nice catches of walleye and trout in 25 to 35 feet of water.

Some big walleye were caught last week from Lake Roosevelt. Walleye anglers at Rufus Woods also do well some days,

Below McNary Dam on the Columbia River, big game fishing is on the rise. Good places to catch winter walleye in the Tri-Cities area include the area from the Snake River downstream to Badger Island and from McNary Dam downstream to Boardman.

Anglers are catching walleye the size of a walleye from Lake Roosevelt’s Spokane Arm by jigging in 50 feet of water. They reported that the water was becoming murky and that there was a large amount of driftwood falling out.

Lake Curlew still has fishable ice, but the perch have moved north out of the state park where the deeper water appears to hold the most fish. Try 50 feet of water and go deeper if the bite doesn’t develop quickly.

Lake Bonaparte also has fishable ice and greater diversity than Curlew. The lake contains multiple species of trout, kokanee, and spiny ray.

Other types

The ice is set off the north end of Banks Lake and anglers are starting to catch whitefish from boats. Success comes with small jigs like the Swedish blister baited with real or imitation grubs, perch eyes, or shrimp.

Burbot are common in Lake Roosevelt off the rocky ledges opposite Seven Bays and in the Spokane Arm.

If your chart shows masses of fish hugging the Roosevelt’s bottom, you’re likely looking at burbot. Although somewhat domestic – sometimes called “snake-like” – burbot is unparalleled as a table food, and contains few bones.

the hunt

Idaho turkey hunters looking to apply for a spring turkey hunt in 2024 can apply through March. Printed copies of the regulations will be available at the end of February.

Unless you’re hunting rabbits, booked a spring snow goose hunt in South Dakota, or are heading to Arizona at the end of quail season, hunting opportunities for Washington and Idaho residents are about to end until turkey season begins. Meanwhile, two pheasant sanctuaries remain open through April and sometimes beyond. These are Double Barrel Ranch near Mica Peak (509-490-3066) and Miller Ranch near Sprague (509 370-5535.)

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