Alabama Power customers continue to express concerns about rising bills

Alabama Power customers continue to express concerns about rising bills

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Many Alabama Power customers are reporting higher than usual energy bills attributed to the cold front a few weeks ago. Some say they are not satisfied with the clarification provided by the electricity company.

One woman doesn’t think her bill should be that high because she uses a gas furnace with a heat pump, while another says her usage more than tripled last month compared to the summer. Now her power is out because she’s stuck with a $2,000 bill she’s struggling to pay.

According to Alabama Power, most people are seeing their energy bills rise by 25% due to the January cold front, but for customers like a woman who lives in Clay and doesn’t want to be identified, that doesn’t add up.

“I have a gas furnace and a heat pump. It doesn’t run on electricity.” The woman said.

Jalyn Pispanen of Margaret says she’s been doing everything she can to stay warm since the company cut off her power. She begins burning debris in her yard, while figuring out how to pay her $2,000 bill.

“I got my bill for November and December, and it was $671. They said I used over 4,000 kilowatt hours of energy. I live alone with two dogs and two cats,” the woman said.

According to Peaspanen, she has been trying to catch up on her electricity bill for the past few months, but has never gotten to this level before. The January fee was $1,080. Peasdpanen has other fees totaling $2,000. She says that the electricity company cut off her electricity on the 22nd of this month while she was preparing to pay her December bill.

This week, company officials said if you’re having trouble paying your bills they won’t disconnect service until March 15.

The company said in a statement:

“The recent cold snap has increased electricity usage, resulting in higher bills for many customers. We are here to help, as well as support through programs like Project SHARE, LIHEAP, and the ABC Trust Fund. For anyone we serve who is experiencing hardship, please contact us to discuss payment options.”

We are experiencing an unusually high number of calls to our Customer Service Center. We appreciate their patience and understanding as we work to process each call.

To help customers more efficiently, we encourage them to visit our website at Here, they can easily create an account, check their usage and trends, and get answers to many of their questions quickly.

If a customer still has questions or concerns after visiting our website, we invite them to submit an inquiry through the online form. Rest assured that a member of our team will get back to them within 5-7 business days. Customers can also visit their local business office to discuss any billing or account concerns.

We want to reassure customers that, in coordination with the Alabama Public Service Commission, Alabama Power is committed to not disconnecting customers for non-payment through March 15. We understand the challenges they may face and are committed to supporting them.

We thank you in advance for providing this important information to our viewers. We appreciate your interest and partnership.”

The Clay woman says her bill in January of last year was $287. This time the price reached $516. She says it has been gradually going up since November where she went from a $175 bill to a $365 bill.

“I think I might have used a little more. I don’t know maybe this week with the heat pump, but even if I did, it shouldn’t be this much,” the woman said.

According to Alabama Power, even if the heating source is gas like its own, electricity is still used because the compressor fan, which is electric, blows heat through the vents.

We’ve reached out to Alabama Power, which is contributing to the higher bills it’s seeing due to increased usage. Both women say they just want more logical answers about why their bills are so high.

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