Alabama Football: Honoring SEC’s Jalen Melroe, Texas squad gets cheap seats

Happy Tuesday everyone. We learned yesterday that Greg Byrne does it frivolously, and he does it well.

Texas is not a member of the SEC yet, which means the SEC’s regulation on visitor tickets does not apply to this week’s Alabama vs. Longhorns football game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Therefore, the Crimson Tide does not have to meet the SEC requirement that there be at least 2,000 visitor tickets in the stadium’s basement. And Alabama won’t do that. All 5,000 visitor tickets, which include band seating, will be on the upper deck.

“We’re able to reciprocate a similar seating arrangement to what we had last year in Austin,” Alabama athletics director Greg Byrne told the Tuscaloosa News.

It’s funny, and it’s worth it.

Saban held his typical press conference on Monday, most notably not providing an update on Malachi Moore and Jaylen Key.

The Alabama football team’s defensive backcourt suffered some injuries Saturday as Malachy Moore and Jaylen Key both walked off the game. On Monday, Nick Saban said both players had their day in the week leading up to Alabama’s game with Texas.

“It may be too early to tell what their circumstances will be,” Saban said. “Maybe it will take a few days and we’ll find out, but I don’t think either man has long-term issues. But it will be interesting to see how they progress this week.”

Saban said the team “did well” against MTSU. He congratulated Melroe and Caleb Downs on being honored by the conference in its Player of the Week awards.

“I think everyone knows Sark is a really good coach,” Saban said of his former assistant before praising the Texans’ depth. WR James Worthy called it “fantastic”.

“(Texas) is a really good team all the way,” Saban said, referring to Week 2 as a semi-standard game, “…where are we as a team?”

You can see all of Saban’s comments below.

Jalen Melroe was named the SEC Offensive Player of the Week and Caleb Downs Rookie of the Week.

The sophomore quarterback accounted for 258 yards of total offense on three quarters of action in a 56-7 win over Middle Tennessee.

Accounted for five total touchdowns with three passing and two rushing.

He had the ninth best passing efficiency number in the nation in Week 1 with a 217.8 rating.

He completed 13 of 18 passes for 194 yards and three touchdowns.

Connected by recording strikes of 47, 48 and 29 yards for an average of 10.8 yards per attempt.

Rushing for 48 yards and two scores on the ground on seven carries for an average of 6.9 yards per rush.

Matt Stahl rated Tide after MTSU, and the marks were all positive.

Tight ends: a

This was a much better performance than last season and Nick Saban knew that. He said the group is better than it has been in the past few years.

Amari Niblack was a master passer, taking possession of the ball, and the rest of the tight ends were a huge help in blocking runs. If that continues throughout the season, that would be very beneficial, especially since the Tideers don’t have a clear upper receiver yet.

Melroe revealed a new rallying cry the players had created.

No, Crimson Tide doesn’t call anyone a loser like a schoolboy. Instead, they signal each other and huddle around the team’s acronym: “LANK.”

“Let the Naycers know. I think it’s been something we’ve built throughout the offseason,” said midfielder Jalen Melreau. “We came as a unit to try to think of something, a motto that would drive our team. There are a lot of uncertainties that happened throughout the holiday period and a lot of things happened. That was one thing.

Whatever it takes, I guess? Many already know this, but Melrow is the focus of an interesting story this week. The Katy, TX product was initially intended for Texas, then flipped to Alabama four days after “perfect” rated Quinn Ewers committed to the Longhorns. Ewers then moved to Ohio, stayed there for a year, and then returned to Texas. He may not admit it, but Galen would not be a human being if he did not have some desire to prove a point.

Finally, Clemson lost to Duke 28-7 last night.

Yes, you read correctly.

Sure, the square score points to a game much closer than the scoreboard does, but that is the height of delusion.

Nice cherry picking, Dabo. The truth is, your offense gained a relatively paltry 5.1 yards per game while your defense allowed 5.7, and your only points came after Duke blocked a penalty.

Is anyone still looking to Dabo to replace Saban? Hello, does this thing work?

That’s about it for now. have a great day.

tide roll.

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