AFTCO Reaper Windproof Jacket Review

AFTCO Reaper Windproof Jacket Review

Today we’ll be breaking down the AFTCO Reaper Windproof Jacket. I’ve had this jacket for about a year, and worn it in a few different places. There are aspects of the Reaper Windproof Jacket that I felt confident I would love when I first laid eyes on it, and then there is one particular feature I was hesitant about at first.

At the end of the day, I was very happy with this jacket as a whole, finding it to be comfortable, versatile, and effective. Let’s look at why that is now.

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At first glance

I actually acquired this jacket from BASS to wear when covering tournaments as a freelance contributor to their organization (since AFTCO is the official clothing sponsor). When I first received this jacket along with an assortment of other AFTCO apparel, I particularly liked the look of it. It had a full front zipper, zippered pockets, and a clean look that I thought would make a great outfit for around town as well as on the boat.

Although, I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of the “harvest” part of the jacket at first glance, which is the built-in face mask. It seems like it will get in the way when I don’t want to wear it. I thought this was redundant, since I already had a few masks to cover my face in extremely cold conditions. However, I chose this from the items sent by AFTCO and BASS as a jacket to wear most of the time. I found, over time, that my first impressions of the face covering were a bit skewed.

Personal experience with the Reaper jacket

I’ve worn the AFTCO Reaper Windproof Jacket in a wide range of settings over the past year. It is very useful on the water and can be worn daily around town during the spring and fall. I’ve layered it over a jacket on occasion when the air temperatures are particularly cold, or when the wind is strong. It has stuck up well to its name of keeping the wind chill out. Although it is not waterproof, it has proven effective in light spray and mist situations when some heavy rain jackets can be a bit heavy.

But the only time I really liked this jacket and its built-in face mask was during a trip to Chicago of all places with my wife for her work. We were on an architectural river cruise of the city (which I highly recommend). The wind was strong and it was very cold. Shortly into the flight, I remembered the built-in face mask behind my head. I pulled this bad boy over my face and instantly became the envy of everyone on the plane, as I settled in and enjoyed the flight without fear of losing my nose to frostbite (slight exaggeration).

Reaper all-in-one mask

Sure, you’re not likely to find yourself on the same small boat in Chicago, but you’ll undoubtedly encounter cold winds at some point if you’re fishing during the winter. This Reaper face mask is so sweet. It has a soft and comfortable inner lining as well as perforated holes to allow for easy breathing and reduce fogging of your glasses.

My biggest concern upon first looking at this jacket was that the face mask would be uncomfortable when not in use, crowding the hood and annoying me. But I honestly don’t even notice it when I’m not using it and it’s hidden in the lid. The way AFTCO designed it, the visor retracts into the concave of the hood very evenly, sort of just adding another soft layer to the inside of the hood when it’s not in use.

Inside the Reaper’s jacket

Inside the jacket you’ll find the same soft “Hexatron™ Fleece Lining” found inside a face mask. This material is soft and comfortable against the skin, making this jacket suitable for wearing over a shirt as well. There is also a drawstring cord on the inside of the waist of this jacket, so it can be tightened if desired, to keep out the cold and wind.

AFTCO did something I personally haven’t seen another company do either, which is adding a perforation in the armpits of this jacket. These perforations allow heat to escape from the jacket and reduce sweating. If it’s cold outside and I feel hot and sweaty, and then that sweat cools off, I’m miserable. I feel cold the rest of the day. So, I really appreciate what AFTCO has done here to help the jacket release heat where needed to keep me dry and warm.

Trimmings and specifications on the Reaper jacket

There are three zippered pockets on the Reaper Windproof Jacket: standard hand pockets on each side and one pocket on the left chest. All of these pockets have a soft, warm lining as well as a weather-resistant zipper. The same heavy duty zipper is used in the front to completely close the jacket.

There is a draw cord for the cover that can be used to secure it. The hood has enough space to accommodate anything from a hat to a hard face mask like the popular Save Phase masks. The sleeves also have adjustable cuffs that can be secured with Velcro.

The jacket is “made from a durable, stretchy 3-layer ripstop material” consisting of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Although this jacket is not waterproof, it has a durable water repellent coating that will keep out moisture to some extent. This vest comes in a variety of colors and sizes, as well as standard and “big guy” fit, providing a great vest for any angler.

aftco-reaper-windproof jacket

All together a good jacket

Whether you’re looking for an all-around good hunting jacket, something you can wear around town or both, the AFTCO Reaper Windproof Jacket is a great choice. This jacket is lightweight, looks good, has a loose fit, provides protection from heavy winds and light rain, and comes equipped with extra protection from harsh winds with the Reaper’s built-in face mask.

At $119, this is a reasonably priced jacket for the quality. With so many color and size options (literally dozens of possible combinations), AFTCO has a selection of the Reaper Windproof Jacket for everyone. I have personally worn this jacket in a wide range of settings and expect it to remain on hand for years to come – an easy product for me to recommend.

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