About ME

1. an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.

***When I started this blog my intent for it was to be on the humorous side, I really do try to, and often find myself laughing at the madness of life, However: like life, I am unpredictable and even though I often find that laughter is the best medicine, I am also learning that honest , raw, truthful, painful , gut wrenching emotion can cure that which humor often leaves misunderstood.
I am one year away from my fifties, ( ACTUALLY , one year , one month and 12 days, but who is counting). I have two children that made it to adulthood somehow with me as a parent, for this I am forever thankful and somewhat confused, of course they didn’t make it unscathed: But they are mine. Given the chance I am sure they would trade me in for a new Mom, but I wouldn’t trade them in for a million dollar house on the river, hold on, oh, never mind.
I have two beautiful Granddaughters that are proof that a higher power thought I deserved a second chance at doing something right where children are concerned , and that he has a powerful sense of humor : Sending me two more girls and all….I am laughing while trembling in fear constantly. I am a girl, so I can make wise ass cracks about girls- that is how that works- even if they are tiny, sweet, adoring , beautiful little girls – we all know someday they will be teenagers that is all I am saying.
I have great days, sun filled , green grass I love my life days. I also have dark, grey, cloudy days where I wonder where the silver lining is. Welcome to the ups, downs and all over the maps of my life.
I hope you laugh with me , at me or in spite of me because laughter is good for the soul. I hope you connect , cry or feel other emotions on this ride with me because frankly I am tired of smiling all the time, it’s exhausting and truth be told: I have a cavity and need to go to the dentist. So your saving me money , pain and possibly passing out in the dentist chair ( been there done that), by doing something other than making me smile.
I will write about everything as I see it, some will like it, some will take offense to it, some won’t believe it and some won’t care:that my friends is the beauty of life. Welcome, Welcome, I am so glad you are here!


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