A yet-to-be-announced ADT security system that works with Google Nest could launch as soon as next month

A yet-to-be-announced ADT security system that works with Google Nest could launch as soon as next month

All signs point to the imminent launch of ADT’s new Smart Home Security System, a DIY security system born from a collaboration between Google and ADT. This may be a better home security option for those of us who loved and lost the excellent and expensive Google Nest Secure system, which Google will discontinue for good on April 8, 2024.

like the edge Reported in October 2023, hidden support pages on ADT’s website indicated that the company — in which Google invested $450 million in 2020 — was preparing to launch a new DIY security system called ADT Smart Home Security.

From the leaks, it appears that the new product has better features and a nicer industrial design than the ADT Self Setup option that Google was offering to Nest Secure customers as a suitable alternative to the system.

However, shortly after the article was published, the pages on the ADT website disappeared, and we haven’t heard anything official from ADT about the new system since.

Screenshot of an ADT YouTube video that has since been made private.
Screenshot by Jennifer Pattison Toohey/The Verge

This week, the company posted a short setup video on its YouTube page explaining how to set up your new ADT Base, which is “the heart of the ADT Smart Home Security system,” according to the video.

a edge A reader told us about the video and also told him that an ADT representative told him it would be available for purchase in February. We have contacted ADT to confirm but have not received a response at the time of publication. However, the YouTube video has since been made private.

The video doesn’t offer any other details about the new system, but it does contain images of all the products we reported on, including the base station’s backlit keypad and images of a door and window sensor that looks very similar to the premium device. Nest Detect sensors.


Screenshots from a YouTube video posted by ADT showing how to install and set up ADT’s new base for its smart security system.
Screenshots by Jennifer Pattison Toohey/The Verge

The new system includes a central base station, door and window sensors, and motion sensors that look nicer than the basic hardware ADT is known for. This is in addition to devices such as leak and smoke detectors.

The leaked pages indicated that the system can be self- or professionally monitored and will work with Z-Wave products to complement its smart home offerings. Products can include lights, locks, and thermostats, and the system can integrate with Google Nest cameras, doorbells, thermostats, Wi-Fi products, smart speakers, and smart displays.

ADT is known for its professional installation and monitoring services. In early 2020, it launched a DIY smart home security solution with ADT Blue, but after investment from Google, it quietly shut down the service and announced that Google Nest products would become the cornerstone of its smart home offerings.

Today, ADT offers Google Nest products with all of its security solutions, including ADT’s second attempt at DIY – ADT Self Setup. This was an option that Google offered to Google Nest Secure customers, but it is a platform that lacks the innovative features that the Nest Secure platform offers. And according to several Reddit posts, it doesn’t integrate well with Google products, leaving Google Nest users looking for better alternatives.

The ADT offer for Google Nest Secure customers runs through May 7, 2024. So, if you’re holding on to your coupon, it might be worth waiting a few more weeks to see if this new system pans out, if it’s any good, and if ADT will offer it to previous Nest Secure users.

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