A weather map shows the UK storm will bring 3cm of snow per hour within days

A weather map shows the UK storm will bring 3cm of snow per hour within days

A huge storm in the UK is set to bring snow and heavy rain this weekend. WXCharts shows snow falling in parts of the country as temperatures drop.

Maps indicate that the white stuff could fall at a rate of about 3 cm per hour, while 1 cm of rain per hour could hit the western regions. The storm is expected to move in from the Atlantic Ocean, arriving on Saturday, November 18, Birmingham Live reports.

Scottish cities, including Edinburgh and Glasgow, are expected to experience the worst of the weather. North-east England could also see flakes fall in the coming days.

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Netweather forecaster Ian Simpson said the weather next week would be “unstable”, the Daily Star reported. He added that snow “will generally be limited to higher ground”, while “northwest Britain will be the wettest”.

James Madden, a forecaster at Exacta Weather, predicted Britons would see “at least one or two notable wintry outbursts from late November through the first half of December”. He added: “Conditions look very favorable for a number of strong winter outbursts throughout January and into February, and they could be very prolonged in nature, for at least a week or two at a time.

“Widespread snow conditions are also likely to accompany these winter outbursts and put us in a winter wonderland on a number of occasions.”

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