“A true inspiration for all of us”

“A true inspiration for all of us”

Written by Jack Besants for Dailymail.Com

19:24 09 February 2024, updated 19:24 09 February 2024

Sports Illustrated has stepped in to defend Brittany Mahomes on Instagram after a series of comments criticizing her for her swimsuit photoshoot in Belize.

The wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes shared a video of herself being photographed on Thursday and announced that she will be joining Sports Illustrated as a swimsuit rookie.

Mahomes, 28, has been met with plaudits and plaudits in the news, but still appears to be a divisive figure for some – prompting SI to chime in in the comments on Instagram.

One fan wrote that they “can’t warm up to this lady” and another commented, “Cringe up.”

But another fan wrote how haters “need to sit down and read about how amazing Brittany is” and that “some of you in the comments need to start lifting women up instead of tearing them down.”

Sports Illustrated defended Brittany Mahomes from critics after announcing their swimsuit partnership on Thursday.
Mahomes, 28, shared photos from the photo shoot in Belize on her Instagram on Thursday
SI responded to Brittany’s supportive comments, calling her a “true inspiration.”

“I couldn’t have said it better,” Sports Illustrated commented.

They also commented on a separate post in the comments which stated, “It’s refreshing to see a woman defined by her accomplishments… great job for Britney and for SI for focusing on her work.”

“A true inspiration for all of us,” SI replied.

In an interview with SI to coincide with her announcement, Mahomes said, “I want women to feel empowered to always be themselves, love yourself and feel confident in everything you do.”

‘Be confident in who you are and be yourself unapologetically. People will love you or hate you, but finding your values ​​and what makes you the best version of yourself is what really matters.

“I want people to know that they can accomplish anything, even things you never thought possible in your wildest dreams.”

Brittany is currently in Vegas ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday, where her husband, Patrick, is competing for his third title at just 28 years old.

They will face the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday night.

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