A snowy weather map shows the UK will experience a deep freeze and temperatures of up to 1C

A snowy weather map shows the UK will experience a deep freeze and temperatures of up to 1C

Meteorologists have shown the first signs of an early winter, with temperatures expected to drop to just 1C in parts of the UK. Weather maps show a rapid drop in temperatures this week after what has been a milder-than-usual fall.

Some forecasters expect the first snowfall of the season to begin soon and believe icy temperatures will begin as early as this week. New weather maps show temperatures will drop to near freezing in some areas, including northern England and parts of Scotland, the Mirror reports.

By Thursday, Met Office meteorologists say temperatures could reach just 1C in the Scottish Highlands. It comes amid a week of severe weather caused by Storm Debbie, which caused power outages, flight cancellations and injuries — one woman was taken to hospital after being hit by flying debris.

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Cold weather will set in this week amid a series of severe weather conditions and could turn a large band of rain into wintry showers in some areas. According to weather maps published by the Mirror newspaper earlier this week, up to three centimeters of snow could fall per hour over highlands.

Elsewhere, heavy rain is expected. The Met Office has issued a severe thunderstorm warning across parts of the southwest and south coast of England today (Tuesday 14 November) in the wake of Storm Debbie, with several active flood warnings in Somerset and Gloucestershire.

Brent Walker, deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office, told GB News: “As we head into the second half of this week, cold air will move south across the country, and there is a risk that rain over Scotland’s mountains could turn wintry.”

“By the end of the week, we expect all areas of the UK to be in a cold air mass and frost likely overnight. With high pressure continuing to dominate our weather early next week, the weather will start out largely fine, stable and cool during the day, with Pretty cold”. Nights and the risk of frost in rural areas in some places. Any early morning mist or mist should clear quickly and there may be a few showers around some coasts at times.

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