A police officer reveals a two-way mirror detection trick

A police officer reveals a two-way mirror detection trick

Have you ever felt a strange feeling of being watched when you are alone in a room with a mirror? A police officer has gone viral after offering a simple way to determine if you’re being spied on through a two-way mirror.

On January 11, TikTok user Brian (@b_ry91), a police officer, posted a video that has since garnered more than 7.2 million views. In the video, Brian shows how to spot a two-way mirror in public places.

“Things to remember about mirrors in public places. Put your finger on it and if there’s space you’re in a safe place. Fun facts with Brian,” he says in the video, placing his finger on the mirror, showing a gap between his finger and its reflection.


If there is space, you are safe. Two-way mirrors are easy to install in your Airbnb. Check it quickly next time.

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In the comments section of the video, users shared a group of reactions to the video. One user expressed his confusion, saying: “I thought it was bad if there was space. Possible two-way mirror.

Another user joked about being paranoid, saying: “I went and checked my own mirror. In my house. The one I bought.”

A third user followed the phrase used in the video, and commented: “No room, leave the place!!!”

Some commentators were confused because they did not find enough space when searching their homes.

One user wrote: “There’s no space in my bathroom mirror at home. Sorry to anyone watching me.” Another asked: Is this true? “I tried it in my house and there was no more room for all the mirrors.”

In response to the confusion, Brian posted a follow-up video to clarify his original statement. “So you have basically two types of mirrors,” he explained. “Generally speaking, you have a material that has a reflective material in it and then you have laminated glass on the front of that reflective material. So when you put your finger on it, your finger touches the glass before it touches its reflection. That’s why There is a gap.”

@b_ry91 Types of mirrors and how to identify the mirror that is likely to be changed. #Airbnb #hotels #vacation ♬ original sound – Sleepy

He talked more about the different types of mirrors and provided a two-step authentication process for inspecting mirrors. “First step, do a finger test. If there’s a small gap, it’s probably OK,” he wrote.

He explained the second step: “Push on the mirror a little. If it bends, you know it’s probably just a cheap mirror. But to be safer, really look at it and analyze, “Is this made of glass?” If it’s made of glass and the reflection of your finger is touching itself, that’s how you know someone can easily change behind the mirror.

According to WikiHow, there are more accurate ways to tell if a mirror is a two-way mirror, including shining a light on it, tapping it, and in extreme cases, breaking it.

In an interview with the Daily Dot, Brian wrote: “The video is for those who may be concerned about a hotel room or Airbnb that might be peeking through the mirror. It works with standard industrial and commercial mirrors made of glass. This does not work with cheap mirrors that do not It has a glass layer on it.

*First published: January 20, 2024, 6:00 PM CST

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