A look at the Cubs’ upcoming schedules and their competition for postseason spots

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, so as the Cubs prepare to open a four-game set against the Diamondbacks at Wrigley Field tonight, let’s take a look at their schedule for the rest of the 2023 regular season as well as those for the teams competing against the Cubs for a spot in the postseason. season.

First, the two teams battle for first place in the NL Central.

Cubs: 22 games (10 home, 12 on the road)

house: Diamondbacks (4), Pirates (3), Rocky (3)
road: At Rockies (3), at Diamondbacks (3), at Braves (3), at Brewers (3)

The Cubs are in success at Wrigley Field. Since the All-Star break, they are 19-9 at home, which includes losing three of their first four at home after the break.

But they also did well on the road in the same time frame: 15-8. Having nine games left against the Pirates and Rockies should help; They’re 9-1 against Pittsburgh this year and the Rockies are out of the series.

The Cubs handled the Braves well at Wrigley Field last month and Atlanta should try to form a playoff tournament after winning the NL East title.

Brewers: 23 games (13 at home, 10 on the road)

house: Marlins (4), Nationals (3), Cardinals (3), Cubs (3)
road: At Yankees (3), at Cardinals (4), at Marlins (4)

This looks like an easy schedule at first glance, with three teams (Yankees, Cardinals, Nationals) out of contention. But the Yankees have won eight of their last nine games (with a game coming up this afternoon against the Tigers), including a sweep of the Astros on the road, and the Marlins have won six straight (again, pending their game tonight against the Dodgers).

Those last three games in Milwaukee could decide the division title. The Cubs and Brewers have split 10 games so far this year, so the winner of that series has the tiebreaker, if necessary. The Cubs get into action today, one game short of first place. The Brewers are discontinued today.

Now, a look at the teams that are vying with the Cubs for a spot in the wild card.

Phillies: 23 games (14 at home, 9 on the road)

house: Marlins (3), Braves (4), Mets (4), Buccaneers (3)
road: at Cardinals (3), at Braves (3), at Mets (3)

The Phillies have plenty of divisional games left. So far this year they are 2-4 against the Braves and Mets and 5-5 against the Marlins. It looks like the Cardinals will have a lot to say about the Cubs’ final position this year. Phillies out today.

The Cubs are currently trailing the Phillies for their first wild card by one game.

Marlins: 23 games (10 home, 13 on the road)

house: Dodgers (1), Braves (3), Mets (3), Brewers (3)
road: At Phillies (3), at Brewers (4), at Mets (3), at Pirates (3)

So the Marlins, who trail the Cubs by 3x games in the Wild Card race, can really help the Cubs run to the NL Central by beating the Brewers, whom they face seven times. Miami hosts the Dodgers tonight before heading to Philadelphia and Milwaukee. They are 32-36 on the road so far this year and 5-5 versus the Phillies.

Diamondbacks: 22 games (8 at home, 14 on the road)

house: Cubs (3), Giants (2), Astros (3)
road: Cubs (4), Mets (4), Yankees (3), White Sox (3)

This is probably the toughest schedule of any of the competitors, with many road games to come. Although the D linebacker has a winning record on the road (34-33).

They also have a ridiculous travel schedule where they fly from Phoenix to Chicago to New York to Phoenix to New York to Chicago to Phoenix for the next three weeks – as you can see, all of their remaining road games are in Chicago and New York.

Hopefully, as they did with the Giants, the Cubs can knock Arizona out of the running this weekend.

Reds: 20 matches (9 home, 11 on the road)

house: Cardinals (3), Twins (3), Pirates (3)
road: Tigers (3), Mets (3), Guardians (2), Cardinals (3)

The Reds have the “easiest” schedule of the contenders, with only three games (twins) against any team currently over .500.

Don’t count this team out, they suck, as the Cubs showed last weekend. They are currently only half a game away from the last wild card spot, but four games behind the Cubs.

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