A Christian passenger urges passengers to pray before breaking into song

A Christian passenger urges passengers to pray before breaking into song

By Mackenzie Tatanani for Dailymail.Com

00:39 21 November 2023, updated 12:23 21 November 2023

  • The woman screamed that she had been kidnapped and struggled with the flight attendants
  • Another passenger joined the fray, claiming that the woman was possessed
  • The commotion was captured in a video posted on the social media site Reddit
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A Frontier Airlines passenger was filmed having a major collapse on board a plane, while a nearby preacher implored others to pray, before bursting into song.

The chaos was captured in a video uploaded to the social media site Reddit.

It begins after drama erupted on board Flight 1161 on November 16, with a woman crying and cursing at airline staff as they pulled her into the aisle.

“Stop pulling my arm!” She barks, letting out a blood-curdling scream.

A passenger wearing a gray hat enters the frame and follows the staff as they lead the screaming woman towards the front of the plane.

A woman on board a Frontier Airlines flight screamed that she had been hijacked as staff tried to subdue her
A woman wearing a gray hat joined the scuffle, trying to mediate and speak to the distraught passenger
A woman wearing sunglasses got up from her seat and threatened to fight her “straight Texas style.”

She raises her hand and begins to speak to the woman as she bats and throws her head back. Miraculously, the woman stopped panicking and looked at her.

The video then cuts to an apparent confrontation between a man wearing a white baseball cap and an employee wearing a collared shirt.

The other passengers scream. Some picked up their phones and took pictures of the chaos unfolding in front of them.

“Make him get off too!” Make him come down too! shouts another passenger.

Since they are distracted, the woman starts climbing over the seats, raising her legs and falling sideways.

The other passengers rise and scramble down the aisle to escape as the woman steps forward. She was eventually pulled into the aisle before collapsing into the seat.

As a female voice at the back of the plane begins screaming, the camera swings around to reveal a woman wearing sunglasses.

“Straight Texas style!” Emma beat you a**! she screams.

A man wearing a white baseball cap appeared to confront an employee who was wearing a gray T-shirt
The incident was captured in a video clip uploaded to the social networking site Reddit
The terrified woman began climbing over the seats, causing other passengers in the aisle to scramble to escape
The woman in the hat began pacing back and forth in the aisle, claiming that the passenger was “possessed.”

The first woman resumes her panic and shouts: Stop preventing me! I’ve been kidnapped! Before throwing a punch at one of the employees.

The flight attendant’s voice comes through the speaker system.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I want everyone to take your seats,” she says forcefully.

‘please. The only people who should be at the top are the people who work with the passenger. By now, the woman had reached the seats on the other side of the plane.

‘Stop laughing at me! Stop!’ she shouts before raising her arms and announcing: “Hands in the air!”

She puts her hands on the luggage compartment and continues howling and asking the staff to get rid of her.

The woman in the gray hat begins pacing up and down the aisle, declaring that the collapse is evidence of a “real demon who wants to kill every single one of you including your family members.”

She continues to scream, shaking her finger: “That’s not her!” She’s possessed! She needs help!

“And I’m sorry to sound like that, but I’ll tell you now, Jesus Christ is the way to the truth in life and no one comes to God, the Father, without Jesus Christ.”

It’s not clear if this woman knew the passenger was having a breakdown.

Meanwhile, another employee wearing a brown jacket appears to be consoling the first woman, rubbing her shoulders as they stand at the front of the plane.

“Who has nothing to do with Jesus Christ?” The woman wearing the hat demands as people mumble. “If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ, I suggest you find one.”

“We’re trying to go,” says one of the passengers, looking angry.

She stood at the front of the plane and began singing gospel music as the Frontier crew tried to wrestle the panic-stricken woman to her feet.
One employee, wearing a brown jacket and headphones, hugged the passenger and rocked her back and forth like a baby.
Eventually, a police officer arrived on board. He stepped aside, allowing the woman to return to her seat

The video cuts off again. The woman wearing the hat now stands at the front of the plane.

She begins singing gospel music as flight attendants try to subdue the terrified passenger, who screams: “You’re fighting me!” Stop fighting me! And collapses to the ground.

The employee in the brown jacket hugs her and continues to rub her back and rock her like a baby.

The woman with the sunglasses stood up again.

‘Nobody’s playing with you, girl! you are crazy? Come on, I’ll be crazy with you, she shouted.

The police arrive on board. An officer stands in the hallway and speaks to the faculty.

“We need to get her down,” one passenger said, laughing.

But the officer steps aside and allows the woman – who is blushing and wiping tears from her eyes – to return to her seat.

The flight left Houston at 1:39 p.m. and was supposed to land in Denver, but was eventually diverted to Dallas, flight records showed.

Speaking exclusively to Dailymail.com, a woman whose son was on the plane explained: “They had to stop in Dallas to let the crazy lady out, the preaching woman and the guy in the white baseball cap.”

She added, “The crazy woman was punching and assaulting the flight attendant who was getting in her way more than once.”

Frontier Airlines was not immediately available for comment.

The scene was very similar to a viral video of marketing executive Tiffany Gumas, who had a similar meltdown on an American Airlines plane in July.

Gomas went to the front of the plane and told her fellow passengers that she was getting off because the plane was not safe, before accusing another passenger of being “not real.”

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