A 10-question quiz reveals whether you suffer from insomnia – and why

A 10-question quiz reveals whether you suffer from insomnia – and why


This quick test won’t keep you up all night.

A UK sleep aid company shares a straightforward 10-question self-assessment to help you determine if you’re a victim of dreaded insomnia.

This condition affects 10% of the world’s population, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

A quick assessment from Sleep Reset helps identify why you’re struggling to sleep and how severe the problem is, among other factors.

The results, which are based on the clinically used Insomnia Severity Index, are emailed to users.

A new test can help you quickly assess whether you have insomnia. Getty Images/iStockPhoto

“There is no single primary cause of insomnia,” Dr. Ariete Vasilopoulos, clinical content lead for Sleep Reset and associate professor at Yale University School of Medicine, told The Mirror on Wednesday.

“Most people have factors that predispose, trigger, or perpetuate their disturbed sleep,” Vasilopoulos added.

She said that stressors such as anxiety and medical illness, as well as a higher metabolism, rapid heart rate, and faster brain wave activity, may be to blame, in addition to life changes.

Vasilopoulos also noted that “persistent factors include unhelpful sleep habits” such as napping and staying in bed for longer than necessary.

Poor daytime function and fears of losing sleep can worsen insomnia.

There are daytime habits that can help prevent insomnia. thesleepreset.com

Vasilopoulos compared the brain’s ability to sleep to that of a dim light switch, which must be turned off rather than turned off.

“A helpful tip…is to create a buffer zone between your day and your sleep,” she explained. “Take 30 to 60 minutes to wind down, using a consistent bedtime routine that is soothing and avoiding phones and screens.”

Those with insomnia face a greater risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and depression.

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