8 ways to stay protected for someone you know who lives alone


It can be difficult to care for a loved one who values ​​their independence and prefers to live alone.

You may worry about their safety when you’re not around and hope that their neighbors will alert you if something goes wrong.

There are steps to ensure the safety of your loved ones, even when they are alone.

Here are 8 of my best tips to help them stay safe at all times.

1. Turn on your smartphone’s emergency settings

Smartphones come with a lot of settings to ensure their safety in case of an emergency.

Whether your loved ones have an iPhone or Android phone, there are certainly ways to set up their phones to ensure they can quickly contact you, the authorities, or another emergency contact in a quick second.

Here are some steps you can follow.

How to activate emergency settings on iPhone

  • Open Settings
  • handle Emergency SOS
  • Make sure Connect, hold and release It has been changed on me. This will allow the person to quickly dial 911 by pressing the side button and the volume button, the countdown begins, and the alarm sounds. After the countdown, if you release the buttons, your iPhone will call emergency services.
  • Now, go back to your Settings page and scroll down to choose health
  • Click Medical ID
  • Click release
  • Scroll down to Emergency contact Make sure you add all the necessary people. This can include family members, friends, doctors, etc.
  • Once you’ve adjusted these settings, you can hold down the power button and the bottom volume button on each side of your iPhone again and swipe Medical ID To access your emergency contacts quickly. Note that this is how you can access the emergency contact on someone else’s phone as well.
Smartphones have settings that can protect their users if they need help.
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How to activate emergency settings on an Android phone

The steps may vary depending on your Android model. The following directions are specific to Samsung

  • open the Contacts program
  • Click on 3 horizontal lines
  • handle Emergency contact under groups In the list on the left
  • Add your own Emergency call
  • go to Settings
  • He chooses Safety and emergency
  • His job Emergency SOS. Once you turn that on, you can Quickly press the side button 5 times in an emergency to call for help on your Android device to call 911

2. Use a smart home speaker

Smart home devices can be extremely useful for contacting loved ones in the event of an emergency.

Here are the steps to do this if you have an Alexa or Google Nest device.

The smart home speaker can allow users to make an emergency call.
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3. Use personal protection

Another reason you may be concerned about your loved ones living alone is that they have to leave their home and return to an empty home. Criminals are more likely to target people who live alone before they target a house full of people, so you’ll need to make sure your loved ones are safe at all times.

That’s why there’s a lot of portable security technology out there, so your loved ones can carry it with them wherever they go. While traditional personal protective equipment like mace and pepper spray are illegal in some states, you can still find other items like alarms, flashlights, and more.

4. Video monitoring

If you are still concerned about your loved ones living alone and want to monitor them with their consent, you can install video cameras inside and outside their home. Ask them if they agree to install security cameras in key areas of their property, such as the front and back entrance, living room and kitchen.

These cameras can be accessed remotely through a smartphone or computer, allowing you to check on the person periodically if they do not answer their phone when you try to reach them. It provides an extra sense of security and can help detect any unusual activities or emergencies.

5. Wear a smart watch

Find out if your loved one is willing to wear a personal safety item such as a smart watch or safety necklace.

This way, if they fall or encounter another emergency where they can’t reach their phone, they can use their personal safety wearable device to call for help.

These devices usually come with features like GPS tracking, emergency SOS buttons, fall detection, and more, so they’re definitely worth checking out.

Smartwatches can determine the user’s health status and have GPS tracking.
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6. Install smart lighting

Smart lighting can be useful in the home of someone who lives alone because this system can usually be controlled remotely or programmed according to a schedule. This way, a person can turn lights on and off even when not home to give the impression that someone is home, reducing the possibility of a criminal breaking in. Motion-activated lights outside your home can also prevent criminals from breaking in because they want to avoid being seen.

7. Have a reliable home security system

Home security systems are essential for a person who lives alone. These devices nowadays usually come with a compatible smartphone app so that the person can always be alerted immediately if someone tries to break in. It is also useful for alerting authorities and can provide an extra layer of security to give a person peace of mind. When they are home alone, especially during the late night hours.

8. Use a video doorbell

Smart video doorbells are also excellent for use by people who live alone because they come equipped with cameras and two-way audio systems. So, not only can you see the people at your door, but you can connect with them too. Some also come with motion detection capabilities so you can see who’s in front of your house before they even arrive at your door.

A video doorbell can come in handy if you have an unexpected visitor.
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Key takeaways for Kurt

Whether you’re the person who lives alone or the person who’s worried about a family member or friend, there are ways to add that extra layer of protection. Consider my suggestions above and see what options you think might work best for you because you can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your loved ones.

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