343 says Halo Infinite is done with seasons, as it ‘changes approach’

343 says Halo Infinite is done with seasons, as it ‘changes approach’

Developer 343 has confirmed that Halo Infinite’s fifth season, which was released last October, will be the game’s last.

Instead, the studio is shifting its approach to an “operations model” starting January 30, where it will offer 20 free unlockable bonus levels every four to six weeks.

Halo Infinite’s next free update, Operation Spirit of Fire, will add new customization options, a new map, Forge additions, and more on January 30.

Moving away from larger, long-running seasons is a big change for Infinite. Speaking during Friday’s livestream, 343’s senior community manager, John Junicek, confirmed that the company will continue to support Infinite in 2024.

However, he confirmed that the studio is also working on new projects alongside the shooter.

“We are making a shift in the way we approach moving forward indefinitely,” he said. “For (Master Chief Collection) players, this will probably sound very familiar. The crux of the matter is that we are no longer referring to ‘chapters’ – we are moving away from chapters.”

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“For us here at the studio, it’s going to be an exciting year for Halo,” he later added. “We have a dedicated team working on supporting Halo Infinite and continuing to move forward, but yes also, we have additional teams rushing into the future and working on brand new projects… There’s Lots of stuff being cooked here.”

Speaking last summer, then-head of Xbox Studios Matt Botti suggested that 343 Industries would continue to work on the Halo series moving forward, but other studios might be involved in its development.

When asked if this meant that Activision’s Call of Duty team could work on the game, Booty did not rule it out but also stated that he would not be entrusted by Xbox management.

“If something like this happens, it has to come from the studios,” Botti explained. “We are unlikely to come in and dictate that from the top.”

343 was hit with a slew of layoffs last year as part of a wide range of Microsoft cutbacks, which saw about 10,000 of its 220,000-person workforce laid off.

Texas-based Certain Affinity, which has collaborated on series such as Halo, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, and Doom, also announced last year that it had taken on additional development duties on Halo Infinite.

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