2023 Seahawks injury updates for Week 1 against the Los Angeles Rams

Rookie receiver Jackson Smith-Njegba fractured his wrist in the Seahawks’ second preseason game, an injury that required surgery, but despite this relatively recent injury, he is expected to play a first-round pick when the Seahawks open their season on Sunday against the Rams. .

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Smith-Njegba is in “very good” shape, and the receiver reported no issues after getting to work last week and Monday.

“He didn’t say a peep about it,” Carroll said. “Nothing. He’s fine. He’s brought in a great mentality, he’s better than most players you see. He doesn’t hesitate to do everything throughout the game plan, preparation and all that.”

Carroll then answered in the affirmative when asked if he expected Smith-Njegba to play.

Teammate Devon Witherspoon’s first-round status is less certain, but the Illinois quarterback returned to practice this week, giving him at least a chance to make a comeback.

“He’s training,” Carroll said. “He’ll go today and we’ll see how he does… He’s still being watched a little bit with his numbers, but he’ll get out there and go. He’ll be full speed today.”

And Smith-Njegba isn’t the only youngster to return from injury. Defensive linebacker Mike Morris and outside linebacker Derek Hall both returned to practice after missing time with shoulder injuries.

“Today it will be important to see them again, but Mike had a really good Monday and Derek was a bit limited on Monday, we’ll see how he does today,” Carroll said. “But these people are working to see if they can find their way back.”

Outside linebacker Darryl Taylor, who tied for the team lead with 9.5 sacks in 2022, also returned to the practice field this week after missing much of camp and preseason due to a shoulder injury, and Carroll noted that Taylor would play.

“He shot,” Carroll said. “He’s ready to go.”

Safety Jamal Adams will not play this week, Carroll said, but he continues to make progress in his recovery from the torn quadriceps tendon.

“He’s really excited now,” Carroll said. “I was with Jamal this morning, and he’s talking about how close it is and how ready he is to start. But there’s still a process to it, and we’re not there yet. He’s really positive, and he’s probably the strongest and best he’s ever been in because he’s worked so hard on this.” The process. Since he’s been here, he’s been excellent going forward and pushing it through. He’s really positive, we just have to wait until the end and be patient.”

Adams is currently involved in mentoring, and we hope to get him back on the training field next week.

“He’ll be back on the field and he’ll do a lot of work next week, and we’ll start the process,” Carroll said.

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