Oh, fuck it, I’m fifty…I’ll say it, all of it.

Are we really burning Trump’s head?

If we are going to call Trump out on his bigotry, sexism , being homophobic and his other little house of horrors, then lets point out that the bible is where all these values stem from, shall we?   Let’s give credit where credit is due.   Perhaps all of you that are out there burning Trump’s head should throw your bibles in to the burning ring of fire also?   No?  I didn’t think so.

And if we want to talk about sexism and sexual exploitation then let’s look at the media, shall we?   They teach our young girls that they need to be stick thin , that they need to wear make-up to cover up their imperfections.  They are taught daily  that without outer beauty they are nothing.

Let’s  look at just how far we have come as a country with women’s equality…where the rules used to be that we stayed home , cleaned the house, had the babies, put our make up on and had dinner waiting for our husbands when they got home.  Now we are expected to be physically beautiful and in shape; we must be educated , we must work full-time , and then when we come home we should clean the house, do the cooking , take care of the kids and our husbands.    We sure have come a long way baby!

Let’s talk about women’s rights for a moment:   I certainly don’t need a woman to be president of the United States to feel adequate and equal to a man. I don’t look to Hillary Clinton for the justification that I , as a woman deserve all things equal and can strive to be anything I want in my life.  I look to my mother for that, to my grandmothers, to my aunts, to my cousins, to my women friends: to all the strong , brave, intelligent, fearless women in my life for that.  Make no bones about it, they have taught me well.

Here is what I stand for: abortion is a woman’s right.  Unless YOU who are against it are prepared to take in all the children that are born to families that can’t care for them, then put your picket sign down, shut your mouth and walk away.   You are entitled to your beliefs, and the rest of us are entitled to ours.

I don’t care if you’re gay, lesbian, white, black, Mexican, a woman or a man….be a decent human being.   I respect good people, period.

Life is unfair, deal with it.  Really seriously deal with it, there are winners and there are losers and some people are definitely better at certain things than other people are.  I suck at math and I failed that class in high school – does that make me stupid?  Nope, it shows you my weakness and I am not afraid of that,  I have a lot of other things I am really good at and proficient in, that make me stronger than other people in those areas.   The scales tilt both ways my friends.

We all have the same rights, however I don’t believe that we should stand up for the rights of all others , while putting our own rights aside.  You want to be fair? Then be fair,  make us all work,  or give us all the same start up in life.  It is not acceptable that we have to put out our  own fires so that everyone else can stoke theirs.

You want to give immigrants a free ride because they are suffering?  Okay, you do that, but then you better damn well give my seventy-four year old mother who was born in this country and worked for fifty-four years  the same opportunities; which have been denied to her.

You want freedom in this country?  Then give me back mine.  I want to fly the flag, I want my Grandkids to know what our flag stands for. I want them to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag in school ,because that is what our founding fathers fought for and it is our right and our privilege to do just that.

I want the police that protect me, to go out and be able to protect all of us and themselves and not have to think twice about the color of someone’s skin before they stop a criminal who may be putting someone else’s life in danger.  You know the law, if you break it, you deal with the consequences.

I don’t want to feel ashamed because I am white; I didn’t have a choice when I  was born this color.    I am not responsible for my ancestors crimes against humanity.  Educate me, warn me against,  or take steps to make sure these travisties never happen again. You must not blame me anymore.

I want my granddaughters to be able to wear a skirt or a pantsuit – I want them  to embrace everything that encompasses being a woman.   Stop shaming me for appreciating my womanhood.  Just stop it.

We act like men are the only ones that are sexist, but let’s not forget all the women that have used their bodies as  weapons against men.    I  like men who  have Goatees and are taller than I am , who have salt and pepper hair, which is a  preference of mine.  Does that make me sexist because I don’t give other men a chance? ( Actually , it’s probably why I am still single at this time!)

Lest we not forget that we are all sinners, all of us.  You, me,  Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump.  Before we compare him to Adolf Hitler,  perhaps we should give him a chance to do what he said he was going to do if he were elected President:’ To  solemnly swear (or affirm) that he will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.[1]

Perhaps we should not judge him based on some mistakes that he has made; for inappropriate things that he has said, for not being a coached politician who has everything he wants to say scrutinized and corrected and polished.  I for one am a firm believer in judging one’s character on their actions, not their words.

P.S., today I should have worn a pantsuit. Instead , I wore a dress that my Mother bought me.( The Mother who supported herself and my brother and I , who worked her entire life.  My strong, intelligent, independent Mother, that lady- she  bought it for  me.)





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