You like me, you really really like me


As Sally Fields once said:  YOU LIKE ME, You really, really like me!!!

Okay , so one fellow blogger does at least : David over at Occasional Dreams

And one person admitting that they like you is okay, as my Mother always told me , “You can’t have everyone like you dear, but you can have some very important people like you and that is even better.”



That was really very Generous of you to nominate me !: Daily prompt Generous

So thank you David, I won’t even hold it against you that you have the same name as my ex-husband, I didn’t even think about it really, but for that one fleeting moment when I used my inside voice to say ” WHY , IS EVERYONE’S NAME DAVID, FOR THE LOVE OF BROWNIES, WHERE HAVE ALL THE FRED’S GONE.” scream

SORRY, rant over.




Here are the set rules I must abide by, because I always follow the rules,  Okay mostly just when I want to , OKAY, I never follow the rules, but you have to start somewhere right?


  1. Show the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you.
  3. Share seven (7) different facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate fifteen (15) blogs of your choice.
  5. Link your nominees.

Seven Facts about me you might or might not know:

  1.  I wanted to write a memoir , which at the time sounded like a task way out of my reach  so I have started it in bits on this blog. You can read about it here
  2. I ended up writing mostly about my Divorce , and sharing more feelings on this blog than I have with anyone in person to date .Learning to breathe underwater.
  3. I think the biggest reward in life is being a Grandparent, even though I may not be that good at it. I was once a good Gamma, wait do I even have kids?
  4. As of the last month my 74-year-old Mother lives across the hall from me, I will let you all know soon if this was the biggest mistake of our lives, or the greatest gift…I have a feeling it will be a mixture of both.  ( LOVE YOU MOM)
  5. I love to read, Non-fiction…I never read fiction.  There was that ONE time, when I read A million little pieces and thought it was a true story, but it ended up all being smoke and mirrors.   It was still a damn good book, and not the first or last time I had been duped into believing someone I should not have.
  6. I work in the Transportation industry and have for 26 years, this is me basically saying forgive me for my truckers mouth, and now you know why sometimes I sound bitter, most little girls don’t dream of one day being a broker for a trucking company while dancing around the kitchen in their TuTu’s…I am no exception to that rule.  I wanted to be an Attorney.   ( I will dedicate a chapter in my book I have not written yet to failed dreams, no worries).
  7. I don’t understand people who treat their pets like human beings, I just don’t.  Don’t judge me.    I do however want to someday find a man who treats me as well as all the rest of you treat your pets.  True  Honestly people, I never even color coordinated my Kid’s birthday party’s AND my dog had to sleep outside.


Follow the links at the bottom of this page if you want to discover some really great bloggers, that will make you reach deep in to your gut and come out either in hysterical bouts of laughter or in a corner crying ( by crying I mean sobbing with boxes of kleenex by your side , while snot drips down your nose).



Some may help you understand that of which you don’t understand now, some may literally change your life, and some are just damn good escapes from the real world…and who doesn’t need that?



Jenny Lawson over at : The Bloggess

Ruby Pipes

Ned Hickson, Humor at the speed of life

Christian Marc over at: Complaining Is An Art Form

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Linda over at : Just Left Awkward, Suddenly Approaching Old

David over at: Occasional Dreams

Kelsey Munger

Ashley over at: I’ll Have Fries with that

Abbie over at : Sidereal Catalyst

Several awesome writers over at : The Dad Letters

Sarah over at : Extra Dry Martini

From the Laundry Room

Samara over at: A Buick in the Land of Lexus


But don’t walk on white carpet after using a Sharpie marker to draw on your feet.  Just Sayin.















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