Friday with friends- Watch for falling fairy dust

I don’t know what makes up the total of one’s personality, experts say it is part nurture part nature.  Some of it your born with , the rest of it we acquire in life.

I wasn’t raised with her, but she did babysit me a lot while I was growing up, so it would have been nice if some of her outlook on life would have rubbed off on me.   Sadly the only time I remember her watching me was when she was in charge of me and my other cousin of whom I wrote about last week, when we were in 8th grade for a weekend, and all I remember about that was the fact that she bought us booze.   I remember that made me happy!   It’s okay , I can write about this now- My Mom knows.

To know her is literally to love her, so let me introduce you to this week’s  December 4th 2015 FRIDAY WITH FRIEND Ebullient El.  I thought I would throw in a new word this week, who the hell knows, maybe I will make this a story of friends and a lesson of new words from now on.  Until then Ebullient means : Joyously Unrestrained.   And THIS explains her perfectly


I am very blessed to have some really great friends, everyone of them has a different personality, all of them I am pulled to for different reasons.  Some tell me to pull my head out of my ass when I need it, some I can hold deep and meaningful conversations with , some I can cry in safety with and then…

And then there is El, she is Tinkerbell- give her a problem and she will sprinkle it with fairy dust and turn that frown upside down.   Where I am a sinner, she is the saint.  Where I am constantly wondering what life is all about she is giving praise for every second she is alive.  She is JOY in the movie Inside out,  If she feels sadness moving in she will move the world to fix it, cover it with sunshine, blanket it with hope.


She is my cousin and my friend.  All my travel adventures in the past four years have been with her and my other cousin L, and I must say they are the perfect two to travel with!     She is the social butterfly in our travels, she is also the instigator of fun and adventure, always trying to get us in trouble..Can I blame her?  Sure, why not.

She is the friend you have that moons you on the beach, or talks you in to doing cartwheels in the sand, or shots of tequila at Noon in Mexico, she is THAT GIRL and my life would have a lot less howling bouts of laughter without her.

She lives every day like it is her last , she is Thankful and joyous for her life and the people in it.   She is the magnet that people cling to in a crowd, she will move mountains to see you smile.

She is not human.

GOTCHA didn’t I?  I had to say that because on our last adventure to visit her in Texas while driving in the car she told me and my cousin this story of how she had bad thoughts one day, seriously that is how she said it and she told us this story of how she had some negative thoughts toward someone not so long ago and I think she expected us to react, like to really tell her how this was bad.   But we laughed, because if I were judged for every time I had a “thought” like that I am pretty sure I would be burned at the stake by now.     We just sighed after what we thought was going to be this great story of our El being anything other than Tinkerbell and said  – ” Oh, you mean you are human…good, that is good to know.”

When I started this blog about Friday with friends she said I could use her real name and real pictures of her and even tell you the name we gave her …oh never mind, I will stop there- but I WILL share pictures of this crazy, wonderful, hilarious, thoughtful, fairy dust sprinkling friend of mine so that you can see for yourself that sparkle in her eye that tells you she is here to make the world a brighter place.



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