Friday with friends: Back to the 80’s with this Lady

I thought we would start this post out crawling on the floor, like I was when I met this friend of mine.  No, I wasn’t three, I was thirteen actually which makes the beginning of this story all sorts of wrong doesn’t it?   I was Thirteen and she was sixteen ( or something like that, I am terrible with numbers and my memory sucks).  I was babysitting and there might have been a few alcoholic beverages involved , I have no idea why I was crawling on all fours – also I have no recollection of a child anywhere in the house;  which both worries me and makes me realize I had no business having my own children while still a teenager.

I might go to jail after this post. my defense of this entire story, things were less controlled back then:  After all this was the 80’s.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to FRIDAY OCTOBER 23rd’s  Friend:  Lovely L , with special guest her hubby Marvelous M.

Please grab your can of  Aqua Net, put on your leg warmers, hop in to the Delorian,  grab your Micheal Jackson /Thriller cassette,  or Prince’s/ Purple Rain , load them in to your boom box and let’s head back to a time where girls just wanted to have fun….


Lovely L is my ” forever friend.”   We have known each other for thirty-six years.  We have seen each other through our teenage mood swings ,too many boyfriends , Weddings , children , divorces , empty nesting, menopause and a trillion other things in between.  And her hubby came in to the picture a mere three years after I met her.   Yes, he has put up with me almost as long as she has.

If you have a forever friend yourself you know that through the years you are bound to learn some valuable lessons in life from them , here are a few she and her hubby have taught me.

  • She has taught me that there is nothing better than Peanut butter sandwiches, Doritos’ and Dr Pepper after a few beers, and all of these taste better while hiding from your parents at 1am either in her bedroom or the hallway stairwells of the apartment building you both live in.
  • She taught me how to drive a stick shift, sometimes in the parking lot of our empty local civic center, sometimes in a very bad part of Minneapolis after she had too much to drink and I seemed the safer bet to get us home. We learned a valuable lesson together that night after stopping at a hill and me popping the clutch to quickly as her little red Subaru rolled in to and hit the car behind us.   That lesson being this:  If that car happens to be a Cadillac and the man in the driver’s seat is wearing the biggest hat you have ever seen in your life, flush with feathers and  you are quite sure that was ” his girl” you just saw on the corner of the last stop sign- you will be very lucky that her then boyfriend ( soon to be hubby) is in the car behind the Cadillac and loves her enough to pull out and start driving like a mad man to get such drivers attention off of you two and on to him- giving you just enough time to burn rubber home, park the car and forever talk about the night you almost got killed by a pimp. ( No pimps were hurt in the making or re-making of this scene, and although I  have no proof he was actually a pimp , this is MY story and I am sticking to it).


  • She and her hubby taught me how to get in to a bar when you are sixteen  :  First it must be the 80’s, so kids don’t try this now, these were the good old days.   Here is how it worked;  Apparently her hubby drank too much back in the day and so all the bartenders and the bouncers knew him and let him sneak me in with the following rules;   I was to walk in between the two ( apparently this makes you appear older than you are, which is why now I always let someone else enter the bar in the middle of the pack) .  I was to walk with my head down swiftly to the back of the bar to the one booth where there were no lights – AT ALL.   If while sitting in such  booth the cops happen to walk in the door, I am to run like hell out the back door, don’t look back… take the regular walking route home and they will pick me up in a few minutes…after the cop raid.

   How the hell did I make it past sixteen?

She has also taught me the following:

  • If you call her in the middle of the night because you are 17 with a newborn baby who has a multitude of health problems,  and cries from Midnight until 5am every night, and you think tonight might be the night you lose your mind forever: Her and her hubby will load their one year old daughter in to their car, make the 40 minute drive to your house, pick you both up, bring you back to their apartment, give you their bed..shut the door, turn on the fan to drown out any noise, take care of your baby and theirs all night long and let you sleep for ten hours straight.   In other words, they save your life and probably your daughters also.
  • She taught me that if she takes you to  a Loverboy concert in Colorado, at Red Rocks, under a blanket of  stars with the wind blowing your hair across your face , you will feel more free in those two hours than you ever will again in your life and that could be the reason you will forever turn to nature and music when you need to find comfort and answers in your life.
      •  She taught me that although there will be times throughout the years that life will inevitably take you away from each other, distance, life style’s , differences in opinion; whatever they may be.   She will always be there when those things have run their course, with an invitation to have dinner, to have a conversation , to share a bottle of wine , to spend the weekend in her beautiful home.

She knows the child in me, the mother in me, the wife in me, the divorcee in me, the grandmother in me, the middle-aged crazy lady in me , she understands , embraces and loves all of me.

for a thousand years

  I couldn’t possibly tell you all the reasons why I love her and cherish our friendship.  What I can tell you is this:   Whenever I find myself at her front door with my overnight bag in hand, and she is standing on the other side…  I am home.

life takes you


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