Friday with Friends, straight from the dirty laundry pile.

I love my friends, really if I hadn’t already known how Important they were before my divorce, before the heartbreak , before I sunk so low I didn’t know if I would ever make it back to a world with color again,  I learned my lesson well over the last three years.  These gals and guys , have been my life lines, my touch stones.  They are my tribe and sometimes I don’t know why they choose to be my friends, as I am sure they bring more to my life than I  do to theirs…

My friends are reflections of myself, some bring out my deep sarcasm, some bring out my insightful side, some more comforting than others, some demand the stronger side of me, all incredibly patient with me.       Some I have known all my life, some only a few years.   All I have a deep connection with on some level and I need and want each of them in my life for a multitude of reasons.  Without sounding cliché, they complete me.

I have been sitting here tonight re-reading an instant message trail with one such friend from last night and giggling to myself , and I thought ..”You know what, these people I call friends are so freaking fantastic I want to share them with the world.”

And then I thought , why not start a FRIDAY WITH FRIENDS post?  Why not?  So I am doing it: Starting today.

friends shocked

If you are my friend and you are reading this right now, don’t worry:  Not everything we talk about, or do together will be made in to a blog…. but then again it might be, and you will be okay with it right?  Because your my friends and you get me.  I am only sharing you with the world – CALM DOWN…. it’s not the world , actually I think I have exactly 88 people following my blog right now and probably 1/4 of them will actually read this….in other words you see more people at church or at a football game than people who are reading this right now.

Your other choice right now is to text  message me , and say ” listen, if you put one damn thing on that blog about me,  our damn  friendship is over, at which time I will really analyze if you are that important to me and I will do one of two things.

  • Swear that I will never post a blog about you.
  • Swear that when you read a blog and you think it is about you, that  I will tell you your losing your mind and it wasn’t about you at all, because that is what friends do.

This could be really fun, or I could end up on an island with no friends.  As with everything in life only time will tell  how this will turn out.

This  entire introduction part is really getting fun as I can seriously see some of my friends with their heads in their hands right now saying ” I knew I shouldn’t have trusted her with any of my shit.”   Or, they are settling in with a glass of coffee, wine right now and have their finger hovering on my contact in their phone, posed to start dialing or texting me with their farewell letter.

SO, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to someone I met not so long ago but shared a bottle , okay a couple , okay maybe more than a couple of bottles of wine with the first night I met and have been deeply connected with ever since.

Many of my friends right now are like, shit ..this is me she is talking about… To which I can only say “Apparently I drink too much.”   Stop laughing, apparently you do too.


We met through ex-husband number two and when many of the ” friends” I met while I was with him turned their back when we divorced or decided to take sides, this one stood by my side like a soldier, even though she has been friends with ex husband number two about 25 years longer than she has been with me and stood to lose his friendship by remaining mine, she chose us.     I will forever and always be grateful for her loyalty to our sisterhood , for her wicked sense of humor, her ability and willingness to debate important and non important matters with me sometimes to the point of tears and still want to be my friend the next morning… and for her love of wine of course.

She is one of those friends that just ” gets you”,  and sometimes conversations between the two of you end up like this:


 I must tell you  that to know me, is to  know that I am sort of OCD when it comes to anything  to do with housework, most people think I love it.   The truth is it’s therapeutic for me- if I clean the house I don’t have to think about anything else, I can zone out everything that is going on in my life and tune in to only dust, or lines in the carpet, or hanging my clothes in my closet / color coordinated of course.

Last night I decided to do the two loads of laundry I had put off all week and I had this AHA moment , like I am seriously not enjoying this at all, it  doesn’t feel fun anymore, It’s not even therapeutic at this moment.  ( Does this mean I don’t need therapy anymore? FAT CHANCE)…  So I picked up my phone and sent my  friend a message, and this is how it played out.

Me: Oh my god, I am starting to hate doing laundry.  What is happening?

Her: Where’s Kristin and what have you done with my sister? I WILL kick your ass if you don’t give her back!

Me: Send one million dollars stat and I’ll give her back, otherwise: The laundry queen is gone forever.

Her:  No money. Will you take wine instead?

Me: Well, I won’t take laundry soap- so wine will have to do.

Her: Deal. Laundry is overrated anyway. Says the chick who did 5 loads today…

Me: I did two and I hated every minute of it. Maybe I will become a hoarder next?

Her:  I’ve always hated laundry. You’re late to that party. And if you become a hoarder I’m going to look for hell to freeze over OR  the Vikings to win the super bowl

Me: If I say skol Vikings- will you think:   A) She’s been abducted by aliens. Or B) She read that somewhere on Facebook and has no idea what it means.

Her: Hmmm, it’s a toss up. I’m going with B

Me: Ding ding ding- you just won all my leftover laundry detergent.

She is  my sister- sometimes in spite of the ex mister , and yet always because of him.  I lost a lot of things in my Divorce from number two, but I got her:  Proving once again that with great sorrow also comes great love.

  She is my friend for a million reasons, one being she knows all my dirty laundry and  yet never airs it out on the line.


It’s Friday with friends, reach out to your tribe today, without them where would we be?


 SIDENOTE TO THIS PICTURE:  It was a back to the 60’s theme party….but honestly, I would totally dress like this every day.


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