My Granddaughter is a Super Hero

My kids are not kids anymore they are adults with wives and boyfriends and kids, so it’s harder than ever to stay in touch with all the goings on in their lives.

Recently we started this group text , me , my son and my daughter.   They send me pictures, or videos or we just text between the three of us.

This is so nice for me, it’s like we are all living together again under the same roof, only I don’t have to cook or pick up after them.

Before I share this recent text exchange between the three of us, I must tell you that my Ex Husband, their Father , used to turn in to….as Travis Tritt would say ” Ten feet tall and bullet proof” just add liquor.    He did some really ridiculous things when he drank, a small example would be the following.

*Climbing on top of the pole barn in the dead of winter at MIDNIGHT because suddenly the snow had to be removed from the tin roof.      * And then promptly sliding off of it and hitting the pavement , because tin roofs are SLIPPERY when wet – HELLO.    And then crawling in the snow to the house and telling me how he would have frozen to death because nobody would have come looking for him, laying there with a broken foot in the snow.                   Yes, yes you are right, I am to blame- because who doesn’t wake up at midnight to see if their husband has decided to remove snow from the pole barn at Midnight when it’s 10 below zero, please forgive me for not coming out to spot your fall

*Welding something with his contacts in and no safety glasses on.  * This actually WILL weld your contacts to your eyes, thus sending you to the emergency room and having the contacts surgically removed and having to wear patches on both of your eyes for weeks.

*There was also the time he was up on a roof and a bee flew under his sunglasses, he forgot he had a hammer in his hands and SMASHED the bee, his glasses and gave himself a nice black eye with that hammer.   To his credit he was sober that time AND he managed to stay on his feet and not fall off the roof.


There you have the prelude to the following conversation between me and my kids last week:

My son:  Little O  ( my granddaughter) fell down the steps right in front of me, did like three complete head over heels rolls, I thought she broke her neck.    And now I know how you felt Mom when we were growing up and got hurt.           I guess I am now officially a parent.

Me:  Oh, you mean you screamed like a girl for your wife and ran away- because that is what I did when you kids got hurt, I screamed for your Dad and ran in the other room.

My Daughter:  I guess she is destined for the stunt world

My Son:  I think she has a little of DAD in her

My Daughter:  LOL, it’s kind of like a super power when used appropriately

I guess it’s all the luck of the draw what you inherit from your relatives, I am just glad my granddaughter inherited her Papa’s super stunt powers and my kids got my sense of humor.  Yes, it is my blog, so I am taking credit for the sense of Humor.

 My granddaughter was not hurt , my son said she was fine once she got some Little Debbie Chocolate, that is what she uses to re-fuel her super powers.

olivia standing


4 thoughts on “My Granddaughter is a Super Hero

  1. I’m surprised he isn’t dead….I think maybe he should stay off of roofs now, especially since he isnt getting any younger…uh hum. But awesome for Super Girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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