Where is your hearts destination?

Very few places can steal my heart

I have a wandering heart when it comes to places to live, the proof is in the fact that I move every year and for a very long time I have not loved the city I lived in. I was there for location of my job, my family, my commitments.

Over the past couple of years I have begun asking myself what if I find a city and a place I love and I build my life around that.

At 48 years old I know what I want:

Beautiful surroundings  * For me that includes somewhere within 15 minutes I can get to a country road where the land is untouched for miles.    The ultimate place would be overlooking or within walking distance of a body of water.  A river, the ocean or a beautiful lake.

A sense of safety

A sense of community * People looking out for one another , supporting each other, supporting the community they live in.

A slower pace * I am tired of the race to everything, I have been doing it my entire life and while there was a sense of purpose to it when the kids were growing up, there is no purpose left in that life style for me.   I want to savor the little things, the moments, the beauty .         For me this comes with a list of I would rather:

I would rather have a picnic in the park than visit a fancy restaurant

I would rather have a cup of coffee on a friends deck than at a busy coffee shop

I would rather buy my vegetables from a farmers market than a grocery store and support a local artist than buy anything from a chain department store

I would rather listen to a concert by the river on a summer night to some band I have never heard before than go to some event in the city and listen to someone I can hear on the radio

I would rather get stuck driving behind a tractor than sitting on a freeway in rush hour

I would rather sit  overlooking a natural body of water than sit by a pool anywhere

I would rather attend a play put on by a local theatre or college than go to a movie

I am tired of crowds and city’s built around shopping centers, I don’t want to look at a city scape, I want to look at a nature scape.

I found my destination city this weekend it fits my list and exceeds it .

I hope you enjoy my photo tour of the Chippewa Valley / Eau Claire WI area.   It has stolen my heart.

How to spend your Saturday Morning:

How to spend your afternoon:

How to spend your evening:  Great friends,  a beautiful deck , wonderful conversation as the day comes to an end.  

Kristin 2015 I phone 471

 In the morning:  Always take the long scenic way back , take the side roads and softly whisper goodbye :

Kristin 2015 587
Morning dew drops
Kristin 2015 577
River flowers
Kristin 2015 589
Peek a boo morning.
Kristin 2015 603
Field Flowers
Kristin 2015 605
A bridge to cross, a church to worship.
Kristin 2015 615
The horizon meets the land
Kristin 2015 619
Where the darkness of the night is broken by the light of they day
Kristin 2015 621
Golden slumbers

I miss the life that moved at the pace of your heart beating instead of the race against the clock.

***Have you ” found your place”, the place that makes your heart happy, the place you call home?   If so, where is it?  Do you live there now, or is there a plan in your future to be there?    Did you choose to be there or end up there by accident.                            Share a picture, share your story, I would love to hear it!


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