me by the river wedding day

When I was married the second time ( yep, I am the try try again girl),my favorite day and time of the week was Sunday Morning.   I always woke up before my husband , sat on my deck and watched the sun come up.  After he woke up , both of us still in our pajama’s we would get in the car, go get breakfast and drive to the park in town where we got married.

We would walk to the end of the grass where the world seemed to go on forever- the view of the river, church steeples in the distance, the hum of the few cars down below on the roads.   We would sit on the grass, or the swinging bench and eat our breakfast and talk about the day we got married.   It was our re-connection to each other after the long work week, time at work, time spent with family or friends.   For just this morning it was the two of us again, just like it started- and I would fall in love with him all over again every week.

That now seems like a lifetime ago, divorce, angry words, bitter hearts , hollow places have taken up the space where love used to live.

For a long time after we separated and up until the divorce was final I would drive over the bridge to that same place for breakfast every Sunday morning, I would get breakfast, I would sit at the park alone and I would think about the day we got married there.   I would grieve the loss of our marriage, the loss of what once was such a happy place, now a place I went to remember what used to be and try to let it go and move on.   Now the church bells didn’t sound so joyous, they sounded mournful , the sun didn’t feel good on my skin, it hurt my eyes, I couldn’t gaze at the beauty of the river in the distance anymore , it looked like a river of my tears.

After our divorce I stopped going to the park, for a long time I reputed Sundays, lying in bed not wanting to get up .

And then one day, I am not sure when I started taking Sundays back.   I started getting up early, going for drives, feeling the  sun on my face, watching the world as it woke up, finding a park to go to, a new park.  Finding a long  and winding road to drive down.     Sunday’s started to feel like they used to before, only now they are just for me.    I was reconnecting with myself after the long work week.   I was discovering beautiful things, the church bells sounded like music again, joyous and full of hope.  The sun sparkled on the water, the world felt alive again.       I am falling in love with Sunday’s again.

Here are a couple of great songs to listen to on Sunday’s about Sunday’s : However you decide to spend your Sunday.


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